Security for Alamo Heights Night is one of the fundamental aspects of the event. Each year it is our goal to provide a quality event and experience for attendees that is family friendly and safe for everyone. Workers and guests are asked to assist in our admission process by being mindful of these guidelines and leaving prohibited items at home,business, or in their car.

All bags/containers entering the event will be subject to security screening. The following items are not allowed in the event area. Guests will be asked to dispose of these items or take these items back to their vehicle, business, or home. Alamo Heights Night is not responsible for items left in vehicles. Following screening, cleared bags/containers will be identified  with a wristband attached to the item.

• Bottles/flasks (glass, thermos, cans)
• Weapons: Real or Toy (includes guns, knives, swords, pocket knives, throwing stars, scissors, slingshots)
• Chains
• Large bags, totes, or purses (larger than 12 x 12 x 6)*
• Backpacks*
• Mace (pepper or tear gas)
• Sticks
• Food/drink items
• Illegal/illicit substances, drugs, or drug paraphernalia
• Flammable items including aerosols and fireworks
• Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles
• Pets (except service animals)
• Laser pens, pointers, or similar focused light devices
• Coolers
• Bicycles/skateboards (Bicycles may be parked outside event area on campus)
• Noisemakers/megaphones
• Tables*

*Items/containers/equipment (e.g., oxygen bottles/source) for use for babies or for health reasons are permitted.

Cleared bags will be tagged with a colored band.

On behalf of the Alamo Heights Rotary Club we hope you have a successful and memorable experience at Alamo Heights Night and return every year.

Thank You, Viva Fiesta

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